Symposium “Theory and Practice: Global Learning within Encouters in the Context of South-North School Partnerships”

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International school exchanges with partners from countries in the Global South have gained importance over the last few years. But how can school exchanges in the context of South-North school partnerships become places of Global Learning? Which opportunities and difficulties does the particular learning setting of school South-North and North-South exchanges offer? Answers to these questions about theory and practice have been discussed during the symposium on Global Education and Encounters in the Context of North-South School Partnerships from may 02nd to 03rd in Kassel.

If you haven´t had the chance to visit the symposium or if you like to reflect on the contents we provide different types of documentaries and most of the presentations online documented for you:

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Richter, Sonja; Krogull, Susanne (Eds.) (2017): Global Learning within South North School Encounters. Series: Global Learning in Schools – Insights from Theory and Practice. Comenius InstituteFree Download

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What is particular about a “Theory and Practice Symposium”?
A Theory and Practice Symposium aims to connect theoretical and practical perspectives. Practitioners shall have the opportunity to reflect their work, academics and funding organisations shall get to know the demands of the practice. Hence, a Theory and Practice Symposium is far more than a network meeting of a certain “scene” (here: people that organise or fund excursions in the context of school partnerships), but it has the goal to reflect its experiences in the light of theoretical perspectives – in this case those of “Global Learning”.

Why a “Call for Participation”?
With our Call for Participation” we enable every contributor an active, costless participation. The guidelines facilitate the preparation process and shall provide information and support for the contributors to focus their submission on the subject of the symposium.

Support circle
The symposium is conceptualised and implemented with support of our cooperating partners, that are also responsable for the selection of the submissions. In our support circle all relevant stakeholders are represented: represtantives of NGOs, an academical and a funding perspective and representatives of the Global South.

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